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my kitchen garden - spring 2011
ladytairngire wrote in kitchen_gardens
In honor of the Equinox, here are some pictures of my kitchen garden (and more!) Foreground: radishes (cherry belles on the left, and a mix of surprises on the right).  Background: forsythia! blooming! spring!

Left: Fingerling carrots  Right: scallions (hardy little buggers made it through the winter)

fencing for english peas (and a reallllly old scallion plant on the right)

Close-up of the really old scallion plant:

Compost corner (newly expanded):

cilantro - I planted it once, now it grows wild:

OK, note the white retaining wall in the picture below (behind the monster butterfly bush that planted itself and took over our yard).  When we bought the house, the wall was full of ivy and periwinkle.  My vision is to turn it into a perennial herb garden (close-ups to follow).  Also note the rock piles-  it looks like a lot, but actually we've moved almost half of what was originally here - bucket by bucket.

That's catnip squared off by the bricks.  I also have peppermint and chocolate mint off camera.  The cold weather cut it down all to ground level, but there's a whole mess of new growth coming.

The fencing demarcates my new "spring garden" (the old one soon to be replaced by grass, lovely grass.)  I've got two kinds of lettuce and a row of garlic in there.  When the seedlings begin to show, my plan is to weave some kind of mesh between the fencing, because we do get lots of bunny traffic up here.

Left: thyme.  Right: oregano.



And my indoor friends: romas, brandywines, cubanos, and cayenne:

And, just for fun: flowers!!


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Your pictures are very lovely, but can you please put this behind a lj-cut? There's quite a few images here :(


We are still about a month and a half from being able to plant much outside. (boo for being in Upstate NY).

I can't wait until my garden looks as sprouting as yours!

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