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kitchen_gardens's Journal

Kitchen Gardens
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Welcome to our kitchen gardens!

This community is open to anyone who is passionate about cultivating and using culinary and medicinal plants - herbs, vegetables, fruits, even the occasional edible flower. You don't have to be of any certain skill level to participate - you don't even have to have an actual kitchen garden, just an interest and an open mind.

Our focus is on growing plants for household use, i.e. cooking, natural medicine, and herbal magic. Post your questions, tips, stories, recipes, pics - anything at all, so long as it is on topic.

What is on topic? That definition may change and grow as the community takes root, but for starters: Please do not request or recommend commercial products unless it is in the context of cultivating your own kitchen garden. Also, please do not ask for medical advice, ie. what herbs you should take for a specific ailment, unless your question relates to the cultivation or preparation of medicinal herbs. There are plenty of other good communities dedicated to green or natural living. This community is for those who love the feel of soil between their fingers, the smell of a thriving garden, the bittersweet pang of harvest, and the taste of the fruit of their own love's labor.

The Kitchen_Gardens community is still a seedling - come grow with us!

Requisite disclaimer: This community does not/shall not promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities.
You know what it means.

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