Green things appear!
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My garden has green things in it now! I'm so excited!Pics under cut!Collapse )

I'm new, and AeroGrow Users?
hello, i'm Shayley. i have three children(4yrold boy, twin girls 13.2 months) and have a wonderful husband. we are all natural and loving it for at least three years. i am a basil freak and i'm looking to grow my own indoors in the kitchen. has anyone ever used one of thses?

These look really nice but before i decide to purchase somehting like this i would like to get some opinions if there are any. any help or tips would be great! thanks!

Plum tree question - long and involved because that's how I write
First off, to save confusion, I live in the southern hemisphere, so it is spring right now :)

Just over a year ago we had a lovely, massive plum tree. The lowest branches were a litttle less than 2m off the ground, so the whole thing  was maybe 8m tall and just as wide? (I am bad at judging heights, but I know I could not reach the bottom branches =>2m). It had pure white blossoms that shone like snow, and enough fruit to fill a truck - which when ripe, 99.9% was eaten in 2 days by a flock of tiny  birds (although I think they were probably a lot bigger when they finished). You could write legends about this plum tree. So then our neighbours rudely and possibly illegally chopped down the hedge between our properties and the plum tree as well saying "we didn't know it was there" (one of their friends who is an arborist did it, but apparenlty he is an arborist who can't recognise a fruit tree from common hedge plants). It was literally just about to blossom - within a couple of days some of the cut branches on the ground opened their blossom buds. I now hate the neighbours for life.

Ok, onto the actual question. As I said, it is spring here, new life, hope, etc. So I went to look at the 30cm of trunk still left in the ground, and although it was hard to tell cos there are still old branches everywhere, I am pretty sure there were bits growing out of it, like sometimes happens on trunks. Definitely some of the smaller twigs/branches/stick-things with leaves on them that I could get to were growing out of the trunk. But - it was only cut down about 13 months ago and some of the grown bits are a metre long or more already. And the other fruit trees (and most everything else in the garden) all have "new green" (bright and light) coloured leaves whereas these are "old green" (strong and dark) colour ie. they don't look they grew this spring, unless they grew really early.
So - I don't see how it could be anything other than the tree growing back, but I thought maybe it could be some other fast growing plant made a home there? (although the woods pretty solid still, it's not like it's rotten). Does anyone know if these bits that grow out of the trunk have a different cycle to how the rest of the tree normally grows - eg. they grow earlier in spring, don't loose their leaves over winter, didn't flower and grew leaves instead which is why they are more  advanced leaves, or something like that.

Any comments on this type of growth would be interesting and appreciated as I know little about trees :)

Plant Advice
Colored pencils
I am a complete novice to gardening; I guess you could say I'm a real green bean in that respect. :) But it's been a desire of mine for quite some time to have a garden in my kitchen or on my balcony (until I get a house one day and can plant an out-door garden).

The thing that most concerns me about this though, is the availability of sunlight. I live in Finland and our autumns and winters get dark for long periods of time. I'm not in the arctic circle, but with heavy clouds in the sky, during the few hours of sunlight deep in the season, let's just say they sell a lot of candles here. I was hoping someone here could give me a bit of advise on what plants I could have in my kitchen and how to tackle the light issue. Are there certain kinds of plants that wouldn't suffer from not having much sunlight?(Likewise, our summers are very long without much night, so would I have to put plants in a cupboard overnight to give them a rest from the summer sun? Really, I'm a complete novice at this.)

I'd love to have some herbs, salad, and possibly some beans...and I'm open to trying absolutely anything else. I love plants, and I'd love to learn to nurture them.

Thanks in advance! <3

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So my mother in law gave me two brussel sprout plants in late spring.

The leaves of the plants were much-loved by insects and rodents, but despite this the plants grew very large, and it looked like they were going to start forming the little sprouts along the trunk.

Only now they're just covered with dark green, smelly goo. To my untrained eye, it looks like the plants are decomposing.

Does anyone have an idea of what went wrong?

Rose, Rain
Oh my, don't these look like a delicious snack? I hope they taste as good as they look!


A couple more pictures from around the garden...Collapse )

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hauyu pichu
Anyone have directions or a good recipe for kimchi?

Did you know....
water the call of the sea, pagan the call of the sea
that 1000 grams of earthworms could digest 750grams of garbage in the soil?

This is something we should appreciate because earthworm droppings -- called castings when deposited atop the ground -- are rich in nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and these are all important nutrients for healthy, prospering ecosystems. In your own backyard you might be able to confirm that grass around earthworm burrows grows taller and greener than grass just inches away.

One important thing that earthworms do is to plow the soil by tunneling through it. Their tunnels provide the soil with passageways through which air and water can circulate, and that's important because soil microorganisms and plant roots need air and water just like we do. Without some kind of plowing, soil becomes compacted, air and water can't circulate in it, and plant roots can't penetrate it.

Morning Harvest
This is what the kids and I picked in the garden this morning.

And everything pictured has been eatten!

Today's harvest.
hauyu pichu
Today's Havest. Still not enough tomatoes to make tomato sauce, but maybe next week. There were enough peppers, zuchini, eggplant, tomatoes and onions for 14 quarts of ratatouli.

I have to admit, I'm not much on recipes, I peeled the tomatoes, chopped everything else up coursely including garlic and onions, added salt pepper, and fresh basil and oregano from the garden, and canned it at 10psi for 60 minutes.


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