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hauyu pichu
eqfe wrote in kitchen_gardens
It's been a perfect year for cabbage, but we have too much to eat fresh so I wanted to make sauerkraut. I don't have a crock, but I do have several very large stainless steal pots. Would it be safe to use these?

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Depends on the type of stainless steel. The cheaper stuff (Type 304), of which most cooking pots are made, will corrode under the salty anaerobic conditions of kraut fermentation. Not badly, but you may get some pitting. The kraut itself should be fine. Higher quality Type 316 is noncorrosive, but vastly more expensive.

I make kimchi in a glass crock - one of those widemouth containers most people put sugar in. But I used to ferment it in quart Mason jars, and that worked just fine. Can't think why it wouldn't work for kraut as well.

I have done sauerkraut in mason jars and it worked well. I have never tried doing it in metal pots though.

I came over to have a look around in the kitchen gardens community and found your question--how did your kraut making turn out?

I bought 3 five gallon crocks in time to lose my cabbage to a terrible drought

Blast it--that was the year you got that bad drought, wasn't it.

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