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Flea beetles
hauyu pichu
eqfe wrote in kitchen_gardens
I have an infestation of flea beetles on both my potatoes and eggplant. I try to avoid spraying pesticides, even organic pesticides so I'm trying alternatives first, but I wonder if anyone has any success getting them to relocate by spraying garlic, mint and\or onion concotions on the plants?

Failing that does anyone have experience using neem or rotenone?

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I have never had a flea beetle problem but I have heard that Entrust (containing spinosad) has worked.
I also heard something about hot pepper spray.. but nothing concrete.

I have had terrible flea beetle damage to eggplants, but Colorado potato beetles usually annihilate my potato leaves before they could succumb to anything else. One thing I have noticed is that they only seem to love one other plant more than my heirloom solanums: Black nightshade, Solanum nigrum. It grows as a weed in my garden, and the flea beetles skeletonize it. This year, I'm leaving patches of black nightshades near my edibles for the beetles to devour. Another option is keeping the area wet, as flea beetles appreciate a dry environment.

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